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Decentralized Private Key Recovery

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Squirrel Wallet is a non-custodial wallet app that gives you full control over your crypto.

We can't touch any of your funds and we don't track what you do with them.

Unlike any wallet you've used before

From purchasing crypto to retrieving your account through guardians, our app is tailor-made to provide our users with an intuitive, secure, and reliable crypto experience,

Secure your account with Guardians

Never lose access to your wallet again. Set trusted individuals as guardians for private key recovery.

The only true multi-chain wallet

View & trade asset across all EVM networks with no network switching

1 Click DeFi

1 click cross-chain investments across verified pools & farms. Gas savings swapping across all networks.

Purchase Crypto with your credit card

Buy crypto with fiat currency in 160+ countries. The fastest and most intuitive way to buy crypto

Proud Partners & Integrations

Buy, Sell & Swap Crypto With Ease!


See all your tokens and NFTs across
5 Chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche!

Buy Tokens

Build up your portfolio on Squirrel! We partnered with MoonPay To Allow Our Users To Buy over 150 tokens with any major credit card.

Swap Tokens

Trade tokens on the same network directly in app, 24/7 with no delays. Cross-chain swaps coming soon, stay tuned!

Send and Receive Tokens

Send and receive tokens with ease on Squirrel Wallet. We ensure a secure, intuitive way to transfer your tokens across any blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Squirrel Wallet?
Squirrel Wallet is a Web3 digital asset wallet designed to make cryptocurrency transactions more transparent and user-friendly. It enables users to buy, sell, hold, and recover cryptocurrencies with enhanced security features. Squirrel Wallet is tailored for both newcomers to cryptocurrency and institutional users.
If you have any questions, concerns or want to work with the team, please state your intention clearly in the subject and email We will get back to you as soon as possible!
What are Guardians in Squirrel Wallet, and how do they work?
Guardians are a part of Squirrel Wallet's innovative security feature that allows users to recover their wallets with the help of friends or entities they trust. Users can invite their trusted contacts to be Guardians, who then hold shards of the user's secret key. In the event of a lost wallet or stolen phone, a predefined number of these shards can be combined to recover the user's wallet, ensuring that control over assets is restored to the rightful owner.bute to the wallet's growth and security.
How does Squirrel Wallet ensure the security of my cryptocurrency?
Squirrel Wallet introduces a novel approach to wallet security through Guardians social recovery, allowing users to recover access to their wallets without relying on traditional smart contracts. This feature ensures users can recover their wallets in case of loss or theft, making it a safer option for managing digital assets. Squirrel Wallet never has access to your private keys.
What makes Squirrel Wallet different from other crypto wallets?
Unlike other wallets that may incur significant gas costs for transactions and require complex security measures, Squirrel Wallet offers a user-friendly and cost-effective solution with its Guardians feature for decentralized recovery, making it accessible and practical for both DeFi users and NFT collectors.
How do I join the Beta for Squirrel Wallet?
At the moment, the beta test for Squirrel Wallet is open to holders of Squirrelly Squirrels NFT only. However, we hope to be able to release our app to the public soon! Be the first to know by signing up for our mailing list and joining our Discord! If you are a current Squirrelly holder, please see this guide for more information.
How can I participate in the Squirrel Wallet community?
Users can join the Squirrel Wallet community through various channels, including social media, Discord, and by participating in events and educational initiatives hosted by Squirrel Wallet. Community members can also contribute by becoming Guardians or referring new users to the wallet.
How can I get involved with Squirrel Wallet's referral program?
Squirrel Wallet's unique referral system rewards both the referrer and the new user with discounts on in-app fees and a share of the revenues from the referred users' paid fees on the application. To participate, existing users can share their unique referral code with new users. This gamified incentive encourages early user base growth and community engagement.
Can I use Squirrel Wallet for NFTs and DeFi products?
Yes, Squirrel Wallet provides access to decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities and allows users to buy, sell, and hold NFTs. It supports trusted, audited, and transparent smart contracts, ensuring a safe and transparent experience for users engaging with DeFi products and NFTs.
Are there plans for Squirrel Wallet to support additional blockchains?
Yes, Squirrel Wallet plans to expand its support to additional blockchains and explore farming options across all EVM-compatible chains. This expansion will enhance the wallet's utility and accessibility for a broader range of digital assets and DeFi products.
What is the $NUTS token, and what are its benefits?
The $NUTS token is an in-app currency that offers trading fee discounts, governance rights, and in-app purchasing incentives. Holders can stake $NUTS to earn rewards and participate in the decision-making process for the addition of new DeFi products to Squirrel Wallet.
Automated Market Maker
Traditionally, exchange on a centralized wallet means that a user and a buyer must be matched with a price that is agreed upon by both. This comes with a slew of issues for both parties. For the buyer it means that to acquire more assets they must list a purchase price for them, and only receive what they purchased once a seller has been found. This means that while some transactions can happen quickly, there is no guarantee how long it might take. In addition, this leaves opens the possibility that a listed transaction may not even occur. When building Squirrel wallet it was clear that this solution was not good enough. The Squirrel Wallet has a built-in automated market maker or (AMM) for short. This is an verifiable algorithm that automates price changes based on the market demand. Operating 24/7 there is no down time, and no delay for users interacting with their tokens. This is what builds the foundation of the "decentralized" part of the Squirrel Wallet. The fully decentralized nature means that Squirrel wallet users are able to: Purchase tokens without needing to wait for sellers Provide Liquidity with unused tokens to generate additional rewards in the form of LP tokens Stake their tokens to earn NUTS Stake or redeem their earned Liquidity Tokens All of this can be found easily in the Squirrel navigation bar

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